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MPCV Series Modular Pilot Operated Check Valves

MPCV series modular pilot operated check valves are pilot operated style sandwich valves. These valves used to close one or two oil ports.
Unit Weight:
Working Pressure:
Flow Rate:
  • MPCV-01-A-05, MPCV-02-A-05, MPCV-03-A-05, MPCV-04-A-05, MPCV-06-A-05, MPCV-01-B-05, MPCV-02-B-05, MPCV-03-B-05, MPCV-04-B-05, MPCV-06-B-05, MPCV-01-W-05, MPCV-01-W-05, MPCV-02-W-05, MPCV-03-W-05, etc.
  • HYFORCE HYDRAULICS / OEM is also avaliable.
  • B3-B4
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