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PPF1 Series Power Packs for Forklift

This power pack is consisted of high pressure gear pump, DC motor, multi-functional manifold, valves and tank etc. It is widely used in the industry of logistic devices such as forklift, mini lift table and scissors lift. The lowering movement is controlled by the solenoid valve and the speed is controlled by a needle valve.

Port Size:
Motor voltage:
Working Pressure:
Pump displacement:
Tank capacity:
  • PPF1-D2/1.6-G2.0-SRH4-P21-G24M-4G, PPF1-D2/2.0-G2.0-SRH4-P21-G24M-4G, PPF1-D2/2.5-G2.0-SRH4-P21-G24M-4G, PPF1-D1/1.6-G2.0-SRH4-P21-G12M-4G, PPF1-D1/2.0-G2.0-SRH4-P21-G12M-4G, etc.
  • HYFORCE HYDRAULICS / OEM is also avaliable.
  • P1-P2
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