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PPLT4 Series Power Packs for Lift Table

This power pack is designed for a lift table, which is consisted of high pressure gear pump, AC motor, multi-functional manifold, valves, tank, etc. The lowering movement is activated by a solenoid valve and the speed is controlled by a needle valve.
Port Size:
Motor voltage:
Working Pressure:
Pump displacement:
Tank capacity:
  • PPLT4-A3/4.0-G8.0-SCV50-P21-G24M-6G, PPLT4-A3/4.0-G8.0-SCV50-P16-G24M-6G, PPLT4-A3/4.0-G8.0-SCV50-P21-G12M-6G, PPLT4-A3/4.0-G8.0-SCV50-P21-W110M-6G, PPLT4-A3/4.0-G8.0-SCV50-P21-W220M-6G, etc.

  • HYFORCE HYDRAULICS / OEM is also avaliable.

  • P21-P22

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