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WU, XU Series Suction Filter

WU, XU Suction Filter Series is rough filter and can be installed at the inlet of the pump and can protect the pump not to breathe the bigger impurity. The filter is simple designed. It's easy to let oil go through with small resistance. It also has thread connection and flange connection.
Port Size:
Working Pressure:
Flow rate:
  • WUI-6-80, WUI-10-80, WUI-25-80, WUI-40-80, WUI-63-80, WUI-100-80, WUI-160-80, WUI-225-80, WUI-250-80, WUI-400-80, WUI-630-80 (Please refer to below information for other option)
  • HYFORCE HYDRAULICS / OEM is also avaliable.
  • O7-O8
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